Silence stormed (chapter no 6)

i was already late for the class so, without wasting any further time ran towards the classroom with all i had. just before entering the class, I banged into a lusty figure. My books fell on the floor

“no man” I sighed, annoyed.

“I’m so sorry miss” a husky voice echoed in my ears making my heart to melt. i raised my gaze only to come in contact with two deep blue eyes, glittering with innocence. it was a brief eye contact before he bend down to pick my books. raising back to his full height handing me the books he apologized again. ” i’m really sorry, actually i just got transferred here and i didn’t want to be late on my very first day but i guess all my efforts went in vain but i just appol…” i cut him mid-way as come on dude, he has been apologizing a lot for his fault maybe, he already was nervous and i added to it but i must say these apologies look quite cute. I thought to myself before adding  ” that’s completely fine i too was in a hurry so it was equally my fault you don’t need to apologize this much, anyways my name is Rossie Watson” i extended my hand for him to shake and he did. ” that’s very nice meeting you Rossie i’m …..” he was about to tell his name when an angry voice cut him short ” what are you two doing outside?” ”i’m so sorry sir we were just coming” following him we entered the class. i was about to take my seat when that husky voice again made my heartbeat fast , God! this guy is gonna give me a heart attack! ” my name is Lucus will be meeting you after the class Rossie”. he whispered near my ear.

the class went pretty boring as nothing special happened. after the lecture ended i was grabbing my stuff when that same voice, which now i knew belonged to Lucus interrupted me, ” Hey, you got any class after this?”

” Aamm nope, my next class is in an hour, yours?”

”Mine too, so if you’re not planning on something we can hangout till the time”

”yeah sure”

Silence Stormed (Chapter no. 5)

I entered home, mom immediately put down the shirt and fixing herself. Watching her that way ached my heart. I felt my eyes being filled up with tears seeking permission to escape my eyes, which I did not grant. I moved forward about to hug her when she held her finger in my direction, indicating me to stop. “I-I was just…” I pleaded with a broken voice
“Just don’t” she said coldly.
“But Mom I…” I started but was cut mid-way.
“you just what? Stop acting as if you care, you already have done enough”
“That was not my fault, I did what I could.”
“Oh really? Thanks for the information now would you please excuse me?” With that she walked into her room and closed the door behind her. I stood there for some time, failing to compose myself so, I collapsed on the floor and started crying my eyes out. I was not long when I was interrupted by a voice. “Oh come on Rossie, you’re taking ages” Carder shouted just after entering the main door. When her eyes landed on me she rushed in my direction and helped me stand up. “What happened Rossie? Are you ok?” She asked concern was visible in her tone.
“Yeah…, I just…. you know….. let’s just not talk about it” I requested.
“Yeah sure, BTW we’re getting late, hurry up, I don’t think you wanna get late at the very first day” she said with a warm smile. I nodded in agreement. And with a quick hug she added “you’ll be fine”. That day she broke all her previous records of driving fast. We reached school five minutes before the class. I ran towards the washroom, to take a quick glance if I was looking presentable, before rushing towards the classroom.

Silence stormed (Chapter Four) 

Leaving my bed, I headed towards bathroom, to do my morning schedule after which I headed for my closet, to find something to wear. After ten minutes of search, I changed into a green top that perfectly matched my contact lenses, with grey genes and flats. I held my hair in a neat side braid before giving a final touch up to my light makeup that compensates for last night’s sleeplessness. After grabbing my belongings I headed towards the dining table, to have my breakfast “Good morning mom” I greeted lively “Morning” mom replied before again busing herself into wiping the kitchen counter. I was almost done with my breakfast when my phone rang, that was a text from Carder saying that she was outside to pick me, as we decided to go together. I hurried out grabbing my belongings. “Bye mom” I shouted back just before locking the door behind me. I headed towards the Yellow Honda standing at the other side of the road. I thee by backpack at the backseat and made my way towards the passenger’s seat. I opened the car door and was welcomed by by beaming Carder
“Hey Rossie, excited for senior year?”

“Hey, I may or may not be but it’s not hard to guess that someone here is definitely excited” I gave a genuine smile

“And that someone is not you, so I’ll take it as me” she replied with a grin. I fastened the seatbelt, we were about to go when I remembered that I’ve forgot my notebook at my bed side table. I told Carder that I’ll be back in two minutes with this I headed back towards my home. I opened the main door, just on time to find mom sobbing while hugging daddy’s shirt…..

Silence stormed (Chapter Three) 

I was running in a darkened corridor with all my energy. They were behind me, those two gigantic, muscular men carrying dagger. I didn’t go too far when it dawned on me that I could run no further, that I was trapped helplessly, as that was the end of the corridor. I turned to realize that they were getting closer and closer. A shiver of fright ran down my spine and my blood turned into water. My heart was beating in my ears, I was paralyzed by shock. One of them stepped forward his beetle like eyes were digging holes in my skull. I opened my mouth to scream, but was betrayed by my own voice. That was the time when I woke up to realize that I was in my room and this was just a dream. My breathing rate and heartbeat were at their maximum possible levels. I looked out for the time, which was 1 in the morning. I stepped towards the kitchen to have a glass of water. After returning to my bed I tried hard to sleep but all my efforts went into bin. I lie there looking up towards the ceiling. I lost into a trance, still a part of the Same dream anytime ready to be killed my those men, as if that all was real and that they really were after me. I lost track of time and didn’t even realize when the darkness of night turned into the brightness of day. My alarm rang, finally it was first day of my senior year at Howarth high school.

Silence stormed (Chapter Two) 


Waking up the next morning with swollen eyes, and dark patches underneath reminded me of my dark experience from last night. That was not the only night that make me suffer but this suffering was more of a usual thing to me now. These panic attacks were a part of my life. After looking my terrible face in the mirror, I headed towards the bathroom to do my morning routine. After returning to my bed I took a quick glance at my bed side clock, which read 2 pm. The Sun was at it’s brightest. I did slept too much that morning. I made my way down towards the kitchen, stopping at the laundry to greet mom “Hey mom” I pleaded keeping my voice firm in order to sound fine. “Hi, your breakfast or more like lunch is in the oven go and get it” was the response, as she continued with the laundry. I didn’t expect any better though but it still hurts. After eating in silence I returned to my room. Staring through the window a flash of memories entrapped me, and I started floating in the deep dark waters of memories.

“Hey Rosie, come catch me”

“Wait daddy I’m almost there” i exclaimed. I was dragged back to reality by a piano sound my phone was ringing. I answered it with my mind still lost in the past

“Rosie?? Rosie you there?” That was carder on the other side of the line

” y-yeah, yeah i’m here, what is it?” I asked my best friend

“Where were you? I’ve being calling you since ages” Carder said

“Nowhere, just woke up, had a lot of sleep today” was my reply.

“Seems like someone is really excited for our first day as seniors, tomorrow is going to be exciting” Carder said her voice beaming with excitement.

Silence Stormed (Chapter One) 

Sitting in the corner and hoping against hope, that this all was nothing more than a nightmare. My heart beating painfully fast. A jolt of grieve ran into my veins. This killing silence is eating me up slowly and painfully. Hot tears escaping from my hazel eyes down my pale cheeks. I engulfed in saliva in order to moisturize my dry throat but instead it made it’s way towards my gut burning my throat like an acid. This was not the first time but it made no difference to me maybe this was my destiny There was a knock on the door after which, a thin beam of light made its way into the darkened room. soon after which the room was flooded with light, that light made me temporarily blind when my vision, returned all I could see was a feminist figure trapping the light.That figure bombarded me with words, that made no sense to my numb brain I opened my mouth to say something but only a silent scream came out.The figure disappeared leaving me alone, again in that torture. this was the darkness that maybe I was destined to face. I was rooted to my core. Icy cold chills running down my spine. My life has never been a bed of roses but more of a never ending struggle a struggle to survive every day a struggle to be me Yes me

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